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Pain reveals who we really are

Written by Daniel JohnsonIt was Friday, at 10:27 a.m. I was screaming in pain—stomach twisting, body writhing. It wouldn’t get out. It. Wouldn’t. Get. Out. There was only burning, twisting, grating. “It’s alright,” my wife said. “It’ll be alright.” The words ricocheted off my eardrum and back out. I



Words By Kara BrunstingKara is 14 years old and lives in Waterloo, Ontario.Words.You. Us. Should. Must. Yes. No. Don’t. Do. Hate. Love. These words, on their own, don’t mean much. But what if I said ‘You aren’t coming.’ or, ‘Yes, I lied to you.’ or even, ‘I hate you.’You’ve heard it. Or seen it. Or


Bible on Video Challenge

Collaborate with us and record the Bible on Video.Record your favourite verse using submit button on the Love Is Moving app or record a verse from: 1 John 3


Everyday Coffee Challenge

When you go on your next coffee run, pay for the person in front of you and film their reaction. Post to Facebook and #loveismoving.


Anti-poverty Challenge

Compassion ChallengeWe want to help those in need, but where do we start—and what does God expect of us? Teens will discover the answers for themselves in True Story: What God wants us to do about poverty, an all-new youth group curriculum.