Virtual showcase on displacement and belonging: call for art submissions

Written by Malik DielemanIf there’s anything I’ve learned in the last few months, it’s that artists need other artists. Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, I’ve missed my frequent interactions with fellow creatives. I miss describing our processes and artwork and sharing inspiration and ideas. To fill thi

  Malik Dieleman

Accidental poet: Mike Bonikowsky on art and faith amid chaos

Interview by Ilana ReimerQ. Mike, you’re a developmental support worker and poet. You’ve been a Love Is Moving contributor since the magazine began. Could you describe how you discovered your interest in poetry and writing?A. I started writing in high school. I have always loved words and have alway

  Ilana Reimer

Finding purpose beyond an audience

The value of creative work goes deeper than gaining acceptanceWritten by Abby CionaI’ll never forget the first time I saw my writing published. I sent a short poem to a magazine. When I didn’t hear back, I thought they rejected it. Months later, I opened the newest issue and saw my poem on the front

  Abby Ciona

Devotional: We walk the black

Written by Katie PezzuttoThis issue’s devotional looks a little different. To expand our conversation on creativity, I was inspired to create a poem for you. Poems have power. Poetic writings can act as gateways into deeper ways of thinking. Exploring ideas with metaphors and dramatic imagery gives

  Katie Pezzutto

Dear painters, writers, and poets: This world needs you

Written by Laura Heming PhillipsI stood in a puddle of broken, green-hued glass, stunned. I had been robbed. The rear window of my car had been smashed and my laptop taken. As I recovered from the shock in the days following, I found myself unable to throw out the broken glass. A reoccurring thought

  Laura Heming Phillips

Me and my fictional sidekicks

How I processed my trauma through writing novelsWritten by J.M. BergmanI wrote two psychological thrillers, Carve Me a Place and its sequel Barely Breathing, as survival tools to process my childhood trauma. I wasn’t brave enough then to write my experiences as an autobiography, so I created charact

  J.M. Bergman

Dark night of the soul

Art can serve as a lighthouse of hope to a suffering worldWritten by Josh TiessenThis year has been one of the most challenging of my life, and I know I’m not alone. Throughout 2020, I have struggled with bouts of depression, loneliness, and relationships that have withered on the vine.In times like

  Josh Tiessen

The art of listening

Resting in the Spirit of GodWritten by Robbie DownI never thought of myself as someone who placed value in my achievements. Until every activity in my life was brought to a screeching halt. A year ago, I began a worship apprenticeship at my home church. The year was lining up to be full of spiritual

  Robbie Down

Chaos turned to art

Written by Ulla MiaEver hear a song that feels like it’s written for you or your story? As if some distant artist, beyond all reason and unawareness, wrote a melodic piece of poetry that pierced into your very heart? Well, I’ve always believed the written word holds power. Power of release. Power of

  Ulla Mia


When the whole world cries for our attention, the book of Daniel tells a different story Words and art by Malik DielemanTo Christian creatives, art is a form of worship, prophecy, and storytelling. God uses our creations to inspire faith, expose truth, display beauty, and preach the gospel. God want

  Malik Dieleman

Regaining wonder

Written by Sarah EvangelineCreativity starts to form at a very young age. When you climb a tree for the first time, when you see how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, or when you build your first snowman. No one sees the same pattern of life that you do. You have your own lens to see our Creator

  Sarah Evangeline

How community cultivates creativity

Written by William DmytrowPeople need people. A strong community is something everyone cherishes, and more importantly, it is something God cherishes. Psalm 133:1 states, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”In Hebrews 10:25 the author asserts, “Let us not neglect o

  William Dmytrow

Creativity is a calling

Written by Cindy PalinBeing creative can put you in a vulnerable place. You may question the validity of your artistry due to the comments you’ve received. If your art hasn’t been welcomed with open arms, then “you haven’t tried hard enough.” If you are a very successful artist, well “you’re just pl

  Cindy Palin

Out of the box discipleship

Finding new ways of doing ministry with creativity and optimismWritten by Kerry ProvostI have always been the quickest to declare I’m not a creative person. I have worn this statement like a badge of honour, as if to say, “I’m not creative because I’m logical, I’m rational.” But truth be told, I’ve

  Kerry Provost

How an unplanned film changed lives

God uses artists as advocatesWritten by Joel GordonSince my teenage years, I’ve dreamed about creating or acting in a film that would not only be compelling artistically but would help change lives in tangible ways. Many artists I’ve spoken to lately have echoed this desire to spark meaningful chang

  Joel Gordon

Gifts given back to the Giver

Written by Natalie LantzBroken but whole The crumbs linger,body broken.The wine stains,blood spilled,Holding body,holding bloodin hands thatdon’t carry scarsbut in handsthat hold the bodyand drink the bloodof the hands that bear the scars.This piece speaks of Communion, of the reason why we let the

  Natalie Lantz

I’m not creative

Our identities as image-bearers and creatives go hand in hand Words by Jayda HoogeWhat if I’m not creative?This was a major self-doubt that I fully believed in high school. Once, during a game of Telephone Pictionary with friends, I tried to draw a cow and much to my chagrin, everyone thought it was

  Jayda Hooge

What Esther teaches us about resiliency

Problem-solving when ministries hit hard timesWritten by Shawn NaylorRight now, it seems the very foundations we’ve built for our lives have been shaken. Before, we could move through life in a clockwork rhythm. It didn’t leave much space for desperate creativity.But that’s what we find ourselves ri

  Shawn Naylor

Art + Jesus = healing

Written by Dagmar MorganI am a candle looking for other flames to ignite. I don’t believe in darkness. —from an untitled poem by Dagmar Morgan I’ve always been creative. I’m an introvert who could be found in my little bedroom writing plays and filling journals with stories and poetry. It was no sur

  Dagmar Morgan

Once upon a dusty heart

Written by J.M. BergmanI am like dust.Blown across the surface of what once was a nutrient garden.Thorns of abuse and weeds of offense have uprooted the fruit plantedso long ago. When the wind howls,I am but a tiny piece of existence,blown across what once was,with no roots to hold me down to thetru

  J.M. Bergman

Humility breaks down barriers with nonbelievers

Written by Danielle GrisnichOnce, one of my colleagues told me in the friendliest way, “I think you’re lesbian. You just don’t realize it yet.” I’m not lesbian, but I recognised that coming from her, this was likely a compliment. She was trying to communicate that she saw me as part of her crowd. De

  Danielle Grisnich

Overturning aversion

Christ’s love expands hearts and neighbourhoodsWritten by Katherine AliyaI love riding the bus. It’s a chance to talk to or listen to people I wouldn’t run into anywhere else. One day, I couldn’t help but overhear a lady behind me. The conversation was horrifying as well as desperately sad. Her whol

  Katie Aliya

A Christian response to today’s cancel culture

Answering oppression by offering another cheek, coat, and mileWritten by Josiah Piett2020. A lot can and will be said about this year: COVID-19, political conflict, globalization, and increased awareness of racial tensions and human trafficking. There is a great polarity of opinions about each of th

  Josiah Piett

Receiving unearned love

Lessons learned about acceptance from non-Christian friendsWritten by Ulla MiaTwo of my best guy friends don’t currently believe in Jesus, yet we’ve maintained strong, solid relationships. I think of them as “my boys.” Whenever things get difficult or I need cheering up, I can always count on them.I

  Ulla Mia