Issue 44: Staff picks

Want new recommendations for books, podcasts, or other resources that will nourish your soul? Check each issue to see what the LIM team has been reading and listening to. Joel Gordon: The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race by Willie James JenningsThis book provides a deep dive i


Rethinking our response to death

Written by Mike GordonJust before Christmas, I officiated two funeral services. Both families used similar words to describe how they were feeling after their loved ones passed away.“We knew this day would come, but nothing prepared us for it.”Death is a weird thing. We turn on the news and see how

  Mike Gordon

The tender mercy of God’s pruning

Cutting out the dead and dying parts of our lives makes room for holinessWritten by Jayda HoogeI love plants! I relish going to greenhouses and selecting a new addition to my houseplant army. I enjoy lovingly taking care of each one. My boyfriend recently told me, “I didn’t realize plants could be a

  Jayda Hooge

Adulting during a pandemic

Two university students facing uncertainty with hopeWritten by Winnie LuiOne theme in my journey is being okay with the unknown,” says Laura Kim. A South Korean now living in British Colombia, she graduated from university this past spring, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.Laura grew up in Sou

  Winnie Lui

A leader’s first response amid a global crisis

Written by Cindy PalinEach follower of Christ chooses to live out God’s plans instead of their own. What does this commitment mean during a global crisis? What should a Christ-like leader’s first response be?Regardless of what it should be, fear is often our first response to any crisis. Fear becaus

  Cindy Palin

Our weaknesses exposed

Difficulties cause our pride to crumble, leaving room for new lifeWritten by Shawn NaylorSnowboarding used to be a major part of my life, and recently my sons have also discovered it. Thank you, YouTube.After an intense amount of nagging, pleading, and negotiating I got them some used snowboards and

  Shawn Naylor

Bringing joy to the streets

How my neighbourhood welcomed 2021Written by Natalie FriskIf there has ever been a time where we needed joy to break through our bleak days, it is now.This pandemic, politics, and many perpetual problems seem to plague us. The Apostle Paul knew much of our discomfort and pain. In fact, due to politi

  Natalie Frisk

Absence and division overcome

How God revitalized my church during the pandemicWritten by Jesse KaneWhen my fiancée’s dog Thor died, it hit us hard. What struck me the most was the finality and weight that death brought on us.No longer would we be greeted by a bounding Bernese mountain dog, or feel his happy nuzzles. There would

  Jesse Kane

Light ahead

Written by Katie PezzuttoMy clamouring mind twists and bends, serpentine.Waves sway as we drift awayin this vessel of decayfloating further out to sea.Striving, numbness, and painful depravityIs what she’s planned for me.She crouches and watches,gaze moonlit in the thinning veil of time.Facing fear

  Katie Pezzutto

Storytelling unites us

Robbie Down on music, vulnerability, and the benefits of liturgyInterview by Ilana ReimerQ. Robbie, could you start by describing what you’re up to right now?A. I have the privilege of going to Trinity Western University near Vancouver. I’m taking a bachelor of music and I’m a vocal major, possibly

  Ilana Reimer

We are the Church

Thinking outside the buildingWritten by Abby CionaI think everyone will remember the moment when the pandemic became real for them. For some, it was through an email, a text, a news broadcast, a cancelled event, or a nearby COVID-19 case.For me, I was on vacation with my family, and we’d been lookin

  Abby Ciona

Youth save crops during locust crisis

Written by Alyssa EsparazHearing about a plague of locusts might cause you to think of a Bible story told to you in Sunday School. For Behaliu, a farmer in Minjar County, Ethiopia, hearing of locusts reminds him of stories told by his father’s generation of farmers.“Our fathers used to tell us how t

  Alyssa Ezparaz

Rise up: Ezekiel’s vision still speaks

Written by Josh TiessenEzekiel was a 6th-century-BC prophet who lived in Tel Abib near the Kebar River (modern-day Iraq). He and his fellow Jewish refugees had been taken from their homeland of Judah to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar.In his vision of the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37, he sees su

  Josh Tiessen

Breaking is beautiful

Like dying stars, our lives are more glorious when sin shattersWritten by J.M. BergmanAn exploding star is arguably one of the most brilliant sights in all creation.When the star runs out of nuclear fuel, its core becomes so heavy it collapses and explodes. In brilliant waves and spirals of light an

  J.M. Bergman

How Christ’s loneliness speaks to mine

Written by Brenna CovelensThe loneliest time of my life was when I was in my freshman year of high school. My school and another school merged, so I had fewer classes with my best friends. My relationship with my dad was becoming strained.To top it off, I was facing depression alone. It was the hard

  Brenna Covelens

Gathering together while apart

Written by Ulla MiaEspecially during isolation, it seems all too easy to cancel out Christianity or faith in general. But really, circumstances of any kind are no reason or excuse to do so.Despite all the painful circumstances He experienced on earth, Jesus didn’t give up on us. And the early church

  Ulla Mia

Mindset shift: Choose joy for today

Written by Sarah EvangelineI feel like my body has been swimming against a current for 12 long months. Our world has experienced a pandemic year that brought about change many of us never thought possible.Sometimes it felt like lightning and thunder were overhead. Sometimes there was a lifeboat and

  Sarah Evangeline


Written by Katie Aliya “He died.” Not, “He’s dead.” It’s important that You know what I said. See, there’s something I recently read On what God did and Where He led His people that They might be fed, And never go hungry again. We here preach Christ crucified, A stumbling block From any side, A fool

  Katie Aliya

Changing rhythms in a pandemic year

Written by Lisa HanashPeople have frequently used the word “unprecedented” to describe COVID-19 and the events of 2020. I’m thankful that, in navigating these uncharted waters, our hope lies in the God who walks on water.But even while I believe this truth, it hasn’t been easy. I consider myself qui

  Lisa Hanash


Poem and art by Sarah EmtageI’ve been making my standon borrowed landwith a hollow heart and empty hands.A graveyard for seedsis called a field,and it’s time for me to yield.

  Sarah Emtage

Virtual showcase on displacement and belonging: call for art submissions

Written by Malik DielemanIf there’s anything I’ve learned in the last few months, it’s that artists need other artists. Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, I’ve missed my frequent interactions with fellow creatives. I miss describing our processes and artwork and sharing inspiration and ideas. To fill thi

  Malik Dieleman

Accidental poet: Mike Bonikowsky on art and faith amid chaos

Interview by Ilana ReimerQ. Mike, you’re a developmental support worker and poet. You’ve been a Love Is Moving contributor since the magazine began. Could you describe how you discovered your interest in poetry and writing?A. I started writing in high school. I have always loved words and have alway

  Ilana Reimer

Finding purpose beyond an audience

The value of creative work goes deeper than gaining acceptanceWritten by Abby CionaI’ll never forget the first time I saw my writing published. I sent a short poem to a magazine. When I didn’t hear back, I thought they rejected it. Months later, I opened the newest issue and saw my poem on the front

  Abby Ciona

Devotional: We walk the black

Written by Katie PezzuttoThis issue’s devotional looks a little different. To expand our conversation on creativity, I was inspired to create a poem for you. Poems have power. Poetic writings can act as gateways into deeper ways of thinking. Exploring ideas with metaphors and dramatic imagery gives

  Katie Pezzutto