Get out of your own way

Trusting God through mental illnessWritten by J. Matthew HildebrandSome of my earliest memories are from listening to U2’s sixth studio album, Rattle and Hum. My youth pastor loved U2. We listened to the album the whole way from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Matamoros, Mexico. The chorus of the song, Get Ou

  J. Matthew Hildebrand

Why our selfish culture needs Sabbath rest

Embracing this countercultural act of trust and praiseWritten by William DmytrowI’ve often heard the idea of Sabbath rest referred to quite negatively. Some people say, “I don’t rest because Satan never rests” or “It’s selfish to take time off, the Lord’s work never ceases.” These attitudes were ver

  William Dmytrow

Invisible leadership

Letting others shine while shouldering the hard partsWritten by Kristy LoewenMany people can show leadership in the workplace, not just those who are in charge. And, sadly, some of the people in charge are not great leaders. I’m sure many of us have experienced the difference between following someo

  Kristy Loewen

Ten qualities of a selfless leader

Written by Cindy PalinWhen we honestly face up to our own sin, it’s challenging to consider becoming a leader. We’re flawed! We’ll certainly mess up. As a teen, I wondered why anyone would want to lead. But when the love of Christ got hold of me, I understood. Sharing His love with others requires u

  Cindy Palin

When leadership fails

Our response to horrific injusticeWritten by Shawn NaylorThis summer, there was a huge unveiling of some of the atrocities committed against First Nations children. I am fully aware that this news is just the re-opening of deep wounds for others. I know this hasn’t been the only gut-wrenching event

  Shawn Naylor

The way of the peacemaker

How my parents taught me gentleness and forgivenessWritten by Robbie Down“Ego kills what we love,” states Ryan Holiday in his book Ego Is the Enemy (Penguin, 2016). The past year or so has been isolating in some form or another for most of us. And isolation naturally leads to ego, since we’re left t

  Robbie Down

Embracing the work in progress

Sarah Evangeline on collaboration, healthy habits, and regaining her true identityInterview by Ilana ReimerQ. What was creativity like growing up for you? A. I struggled a lot in school. I wasn’t good at math, I wasn’t good at science. I also wasn’t good at gym and keeping up with sports. Going to c

  Ilana Reimer

Devotional: Jesus’ guide for sustaining loving relationships

Written by Katie PezzuttoThe world is full of need. It always has been and always will be—until all creation is restored. When faced with so many overwhelming tragedies, we often believe we need to support everyone we encounter. Jesus may have struggled with the same thoughts. Deep in his ministry,

  Katie Pezzutto

Contributing to the good of our neighbours

What thoughtful civic engagement can look like and how to beginWritten by Ilana ReimerNavigating the values of our Canadian society and the convictions of Christianity can feel like a confusing dance. To the mainstream culture, Christians are often seen as the out-of-sync loner in the corner who can

  Ilana Reimer

Swimming in God’s current

Written by Ulla MiaAs a child, I learned very quickly the value of self-preservation. I learned to look out for myself first because who else would? In a world that operates on survival of the strongest—where the gentle-hearted get walked on by the more aggressive opportunists—it seemed only natural

  Ulla Mia

Bringing life to those around us

Selfless living changes lives. It changes others. It changes you.Written by Rebekah MalbrechtSosina’s mother was only 13 years old when she had her. Despite being so young, her mother worked hard to raise her daughter by washing clothes and baking Ethiopian flatbread called injera. She gave everythi

  Rebekah Malbrecht

A healthy sexual ethic

Unpacking harmful teachings and how we can regain God’s vision for sexualityWritten by Rebecca Gregoire LindenbachWhat is a Christian sexual ethic? How would your youth or young adult group leader define it? Your pastor? The guy who works at the gas station down the road? Odds are, their answers wou

  Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach

Singing of renewal

How God met me as I pursued musicWritten by Alysha KyleEarly in January 2020, I felt convicted of neglecting to cultivate a gift God was stirring in me. I’d never thought I was good enough at songwriting. And whenever I did finish a song, I would either just share it once or not at all. But in respo

  Alysha Kyle

The problem with “you do you”

How choosing compassion over what feels good is transformativeWritten by Taleshia PattersonBe who you are and say what you feel. The people who matter don’t mind. And those who do mind, don’t matter.This popular message is prevalent in our society in one form or another. Our society has opted to emb

  Taleshia Patterson

Burdensome gifts

Written by Ruth Marie PatersonGift of selfWhy is it that the things we say, make, or donever hold the same weight for othersas they do for ourselves?What I wouldn’t give for self-forgetfulness,for not caring who I am or what I do.But being a self always results in a level of self-consciousnessthat c

  Ruth Marie Paterson

Bloom forever

Written by J.M. Bergman Before time began,you were alive in Christ’s mind,and one day He will take youto your eternal garden home.Everything you did while planted here will pass away.If your earthly identity was placed in a temporary role,who will you be then?Your job, title, and relationship status

  J.M. Bergman

To my generation

Written by Aria DavisWe’ve grown up in a timewhere pain and stories are just being priedfrom the heavy lockboxes they have been hidden in.History,stuffed down, compressed by time and policies,is leaking out.And we’ve begun to realizethat those old scars we thoughthad healed long agoare still open, b

  Aria Davis

Becoming a brother

Accepting the identity I’ve already been givenWritten by Mike BonikowskyHe stands in front of me, his blue eyes searching mine. I know he’s going to ask the question, and I dread it. It comes, the same question Jesus asked Peter: “Do you love me, Mike?”I knew the question was coming because Francis

  Mike Bonikowsky

As church doors reopen

Let’s shed the harmful habits online worship has enabledWritten by Andrea NwabuikeIt’s been over a year since I’ve walked into a church building for Sunday worship. Instead of settling into a pew after the usual round of good morning hugs and handshakes, my Sabbath begins by logging into a Zoom meet

  Andrea Nwabuike

A kingdom of justice

On earth as it is in heaven Written by Emily MontesanoI was sitting in my seat at church one Sunday when I was reminded of a simple, yet profound truth. Through Christ, we are peacemakers, justice-seekers, and image-bearers—uniquely chosen to actively play a part in His story of restoration. While t

  Emily Montesano

The unexpected balm of voicing anger

Lessons learned from the vengeful psalmsWritten by Cindy PalinI was always stupefied when I came across passages of vengeance in the Psalms. Paul, in Romans 12:18, tells us “if it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Yet these passages were vengeful and violent; pe

  Cindy Palin

It’s God who delivers, not us

Written by Shawn NaylorDuring the summer before I started university, I participated in a football training camp. I developed a good reputation as a decent player among coaches and players alike. As a result, I made the dress list and was designated to see the field play. The stands were sold out. M

  Shawn Naylor

Injury turned to opportunity

How God led me into ministryWritten by Ryan CampeseI had just finished carpentry school. Shortly after returning to work, I severely injured my back while helping to lift a wall. I had no idea at the time, but that accident led me on a life-changing journey toward Christ’s calling for my life. As I

  Ryan Campese

Why peace isn’t quiet

Written by Andrew RussellI am a father of four young kids ranging from age two-and-a-half to ten. As you can imagine, our house is not a quiet environment. The walls are constantly reverberating with the sounds of our kids playing happily or arguing and screaming. The littlest one chases her older b

  Andrew Russell