Armed with no ordinary weapon

How memorizing Scripture has helped meWritten by Robbie DownHave you ever worked really hard for an exam—cramming in as many terms or formulas as you can bear so you will perform well on the test? Only to forget it all a day later? This is a common way we approach studying, but it doesn’t actually i

  Robbie Down

A Fast

Written by Rachel Weisbrot Angry hunger gnaws its way Through the absent meals,Growling like a beast of prey,Digging in its heels, Weakening its cage of flesh, Thinking all is vain,Loathing tales of sackcloth, ash,Old Testament refrain, Salivating in distress,Frantic to be fed,Consuming only emptine

  Rachel Weisbrot

Learning to be alone

From hating it to enjoying itWritten by Helana MulderI am an extrovert. I get it from my dad. My dad can walk into any store or building and immediately strike up a conversation with a stranger, talking about his real estate business or his love of sports or anything that comes to mind. I love being

  Helana Mulder

Mini fasts

Skipping lunch to find the slow and generous lifestyle of JesusWritten by Conor SweetmanAbout once a week I find myself walking to work uninhibited by a lunch bag awkwardly dangling from my side as I mount the treacherous parking-lot snowbanks. My desk is visibly clearer without my leftover spicy sa

  Conor Sweetman

How to maintain spiritual disciplines

Fewer, sustainable practices are betterWritten by William DmytrowGod is relevant in every one of our lives, whether we see it or not. Every spiritual breakthrough in my life came about as I obediently followed God in my spiritual disciplines. I didn’t go to church or experience Jesus until I was 10

  William Dmytrow

Chasing rest

Written by J.M. BergmanHow many people know that rush of adrenaline from a powerful worship service? When the music is pumping, people are dancing, and God’s presence is so real?You go home and the feeling lasts a day or two. But then the silence begins to feel empty again. So, you attend more event

  J.M. Bergman

Moving towards freedom

Healing is hard work, but worth itWritten by Ben MatychukDo you have trouble getting out of bed? I’m with you. In fact my sleeping schedule this past week alone has been irregular. Or maybe you have trouble working. I’m there too. Maybe you’re forgetting memories or routines that should be second na

  Ben Matychuk

The way to living God’s story

Written by Dr. John B. MacDonaldAuthentic Christian living is the lifelong process of becoming more like Jesus Christ. This dynamic progression toward maturity in Christ means that followers of Jesus begin with the basics. Metaphorically, we learn to crawl before we walk. We drink milk before gradua

  John B. MacDonald

Duty or delight?

The problem with spiritual disciplinesWritten by Tyler EdwardsGrowing up, whenever my parents were trying to get me to do something I didn’t want to do they would tell me, “It builds character.” Cleaning my room, making my bed, going to my sister’s dance recital, eating my vegetables, they all built

  Tyler Edwards

Four tips I learned to beat porn

Written by Alexander PezzuttoUnfortunately for us, “accountabilibuddies” don’t beat porn addictions. In an age where pornography attracts eight-year-olds and ensnares a staggering percentage of the population in some form or another, we need a better solution. Functioning like cocaine in the brain,

  Alexander Pezzutto

Why persevere?

When it’s hard to read the Bible and prayWritten by Daniel ZekveldHave you ever considered how someone can become exceptionally talented at a specific skill? Imagine a musician, and the years of practice they put into playing their instrument. I have been playing the piano for almost 15 years, and t

  Daniel Zekveld

The spiritual practise of generosity

Written by Alyssa EsparazAs someone who works for a non-profit, I’m keenly aware of the complexities the topic of giving can bring. At the first sign of a conversation on generosity, we often reach to protect our wallets, our minds immediately fixated on money. But I’d like to suggest we are shortch

  Alyssa Ezparaz

Mobile classroom for Tanzania

Words by Julie Fitz-GeraldA high school shop class in London, Ontario pushed the boundaries of convention when they built a mobile computer classroom destined for students in Tanzania. The project was first dreamed up by teacher Matt Rock of London Christian High School in January 2019. He knew from

  Julie Fitz-Gerald

Ways of practising intercessory prayer

Written by Cindy PalinWatching my grandmother pray didn’t mean much to me when I was a child. But now that my grey hair is beginning to show, memories of Grandma sitting at her kitchen table, bowing her grey head over her tattered prayer list, are hallowed to me. My grandmother’s obedience in prayer

  Cindy Palin

Continual worship

Is worship just singing songs and giving money? Written by Shawn NaylorAt a church service after we finished singing, the pastor said that we should continue our worship through tithes and offerings. Being the person I am, I began asking myself questions. When does worship end? Is worship just singi

  Shawn Naylor

Redefining Relevance

Refocusing on Scripture Written by Jon Imbeau, executive director of Awana International Canada When I decided to become a pastor, my youth leader gave me what I now consider a sparkling gem of wisdom. He said, “Be sure to never speak about God if Scripture isn’t at the core of what you are saying.”

  Jon Imbeau

Facing God with my questions

Written by Lisa HanashThoughts that go through my head: Are they going to see I am really not that deep? Did I make the right decisions up until now? How did I even get here? If I am a Christian, can I have these doubts?I have pondered these questions over and over. While I still believe, the answer

  Lisa Hanash

All of life is a devotion

Written by Sarah Evangeline“Pray and read your Bible.” I remember hearing that sentence many times as I grew up in a Christian home, Christian school and the Church. Even from a young age, I kept questioning myself. But how do I do this? And as an adult today, reflecting back on my journey, I have f

  Sarah Evangeline

What does forgiveness do for our hearts?

Written by Angela ViljoenForgiveness is hard. Even when you think you’ve forgiven, something can happen, resulting in another flood of emotions. This to me is God’s kindness as He reveals another level of forgiveness that needs to happen. This happened to me recently. It was ironic because I was spe

  Angela Viljoen

Facts, feelings, and faith

Written by Andrea NwabuikeAt a Christian conference a few years ago, one of the speakers said, “Put your faith in the facts, and the feelings will come.” The speaker was explaining the importance of prioritizing truth above our momentary feelings. He argued that the task of every believer is to mode

  Andrea Nwabuike

Are my choices in line with God’s will?

Written by Katie Pezzutto“I don’t know if I’m supposed to be an actress.” My friend tilted her face toward the sun, eyes shining with worry. “I’m afraid I’ll mess it up.” “Mess it up? How?” She plucked a rock from the ground and studied it. “I want what God wants, you know? But I don’t know what He

  Katie Pezzutto

Prom With a Purpose: joining God’s mission for justice

Written by Bethany NolsonSlavery not only still exists in the world today, it is thriving. Currently, the International Labour Organization estimates that there are over 40.3 million people enslaved; more than at any other time in history. A quarter of these individuals are children and many are tra

  Bethany Nolson

Trusting True Perfection

Words by Sierra Sedge I struggle with three things: perfectionism, procrastination, and anxiety—especially in my academic career. I am the kind of person who will spend ten minutes searching in a thesaurus for the right word to use in an essay. If I leave myself too much time to edit a paper before


The Mask

Written by Ulla MiaI’ve seen enough of this worldTo know the dangers that lie aheadI’ve dripped enough of my life awayTo no longer fear joining the deadTears and scars cover my heart Blood dried where no soul can see Flashbacks burn my mind like flamesWill these battle wounds ever heal?This mask I w

  Ulla Mia